[Updated] How To Download Facebook / Fb Videos Online Easily

Download Facebook videos online In HD & Normal quality

Hello Friends, Here we are here to download the Facebook video that you love on the Facebook. You might not have seen any download button below those videos that are uploaded in the Facebook. So it might not be easy to download the Facebook videos without using any tool. That’s where we enter into the play. We have done a tool named klickvid which helps you to download the Facebook videos easily without any difficulties.

Here are the steps that you have to follow to download the Facebook videos in required format. A Happy news buddy. We give the download in two formats. One in normal quality and another one in the HD format.

Step 1:

Move the mouse over the Facebook video that you need to download. Now right click the video and you will get a menu.


online fb video downloader

Step2 :

Click on the Show Video URL Option. You will be given the video URL to copy. Now copy that URL.


download fb video

Step 3:

Now open our homepage or go to https://www.klickvid.com here you can download your facebook video.

Step 4:

As shown in the image just paste the URL you have copied in the second step in the textbox in the klickvid homepage.Then click on the download button. You will be pushed to another page.

facebook online video downloader

facebook online video downloader

Step 5:

There you can see two types of links. One is the normal quality video download link and another one is the high quality video download link.

Choose the one that you need and click on the link and it is a one touch download and it gets downloaded easily.

Online fb video downloader

Online fb video downloader

Hope you are happy that you have got what you require. If you are facing any difficulties in downloading the facebook videos using the klickVid we are here to help you very fast. If you need we can download the video you need and send it to your mail id. Ya Thats for sure man. Try Commenting below. We are active and watching.

Are you bored and tired of using this method all the time? Do you need a faster method to download the videos quick? Then brace yourself and keep tuned. New product is coming soon.

Bored of reading the whole paragraph? Then Jump to gif tutorial for downloading facebook videos.

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